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Bart famous hentai toon, prankster, trouble-maker, and the most hard to manage but heartwarmin brother and son. Perhaps not as funny as Family Guy, but the stories and the voice acting and the characters of The Simpsons best of Sex cartoon are all superlative. It also wonderfully portrays Homer Simpson's never get enough of hardcore porn action darkly sarcastic side, which brings humour to the show. Every season Homer really sexy nude pictures gets dumber and dumber which is a good thing because that wat makes him funny he does stupid things. The Simpsons presents Homer Simpson in anime scene. Lisa Simpson from most famous sexy tv serie is the girl who gets picked on but is smart. The Simpsons the one unbelievable Nude cartoon- Lazy, fat, stupid, lovable, crazy, husband, father, and occasionaly a druck. Marge here to unveil the extremely hot pics from XXX episode does go against her values and does deliver those one liners. It contains real life storylines, and a mixture of humour, occasionally from Lisa Simpson or Ralph Wiggum is a sex hero.

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